"If we are costing you money, we are not doing our job"

Our Services

We offer a variety of solutions to assist you with running your business as profitably as possible.

Business Turnaround

We facilitate and implement, on an operational level, strategic turnaround and Business Rescue plans.


We assist with the analysis and solutions of Business crises.

We specialise in immediate and urgent business interventions to save jobs and entrepreneurs.

Creditor Management

We engage with creditors to support entrepreneurs in order to get creditors to buy in to the turnaround plans.

Business Brokering

We assist with the buying and selling of:

  • Well established, medium sized companies in Southern Africa;
  • Medium sized enterprises looking to grow and diversify; 
  • Enterprises who need to rationalise through mergers and acquisitions; and
  • Medium enterprises seeking to internationalise.

Specialist Consulting

We are a specialist consultancy for Medium Enterprises in an African context for local and foreign investors/owners.

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